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Synth samples

Synth Samples

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Drum & Bass

Drums & Bass

Here you can find find the best sample for your Drums drum & bass


How to Build a Bank of SoundFonts ?

Building a good SoundFont is the same process as building a sample based synthesizer from scratch. You can use any sample and tweak it with a wide range of envelopes, filter and resonance settings and effects just like you can on a standard analog style synth.


Cakewalk SONAR and Sibelius difference

I will try to contrast these two software packages, Sibelius and SONAR, so that you can understand the strengths and limitations of each. Sibelius is an excellent music notation program with an OK MIDI sequencing feature.


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  1. I do not like the download stops in the limited way, it’s okay to be limited but not so! Most people do not have money to pay the premium mode. Sorry the bad english!

  2. There is article purporting to compare Sibelius and and Sonar, but, in reality is quite abbreviated and much too short of the promise in the title, has reference to “scripts” for those of limited vision that would promise to allow someone to compose (and gives and example of Ray Charles using such a script (Sibelius Speaking), but a search does not reveal anything. Indeed a search for “Sibelius” reveals NOTHING about Sibelius–not even the article from which the information had come.
    It is unfortunate that the site would provide such hindrances.
    (BTW, I am an academic researcher.)
    Remedy, please.

  3. Came here for ONE specific small sf2 only… Stopped counting how often the following appears:

    “Sorry, now is not free download slot. Try it for a few minutes,
    or purchase credit for unlimited download.”


  4. “SF2midi.com” used to be very cool site to download various .sf2 files,
    but recently it has displayed “loading…” FOREVER, waiting and waiting, but there was no sign of start of downloading.
    It’s DEADHAND!

      • yep, after a fashion it have re-gotten to display the dl screen (instead of eternal loading… message).
        but always the slots are full up after all even though just a year before we can download every soundfont if only wait a few minutes or really not longer than a day.

  5. How do you download anything from this site. I want a file from here called (New Reality GM.sf2) i have credit added to this site have not
    any way of getting any type file to down load. Have any of others had any issue with this site.

  6. If anyone from this forum have this file here called New Reality GM.sf2 maybe we could work out a deal. Or lead me the way to another site
    that might have it. Thank You….

  7. Oh my god, they fixed the “Painos” typo.
    Does this mean that they’re going to start working for the site again and that there’ll be new uploads?

  8. “Sf2midi allocates for free download total 100 download slots.
    Now is busy 100 from 100 slots.”

    RIDICULOUS! 3 whole days with the same message.
    Believe me, it would be better if you state that all the downloads are under payment.

    This is not a good strategy. I wanted to buy credits, and I also was doing that for a couple of times, but before that I WANT to check for the sound quality.

    And what about the forum link?

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