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Synth Samples

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Drums & Bass

Here you can find find the best sample for your Drums drum & bass


How to Build a Bank of SoundFonts ?

Building a good SoundFont is the same process as building a sample based synthesizer from scratch. You can use any sample and tweak it with a wide range of envelopes, filter and resonance settings and effects just like you can on a standard analog style synth.


Cakewalk SONAR and Sibelius difference

I will try to contrast these two software packages, Sibelius and SONAR, so that you can understand the strengths and limitations of each. Sibelius is an excellent music notation program with an OK MIDI sequencing feature.


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  1. I do not like the download stops in the limited way, it’s okay to be limited but not so! Most people do not have money to pay the premium mode. Sorry the bad english!

  2. There is article purporting to compare Sibelius and and Sonar, but, in reality is quite abbreviated and much too short of the promise in the title, has reference to “scripts” for those of limited vision that would promise to allow someone to compose (and gives and example of Ray Charles using such a script (Sibelius Speaking), but a search does not reveal anything. Indeed a search for “Sibelius” reveals NOTHING about Sibelius–not even the article from which the information had come.
    It is unfortunate that the site would provide such hindrances.
    (BTW, I am an academic researcher.)
    Remedy, please.

  3. Came here for ONE specific small sf2 only… Stopped counting how often the following appears:

    “Sorry, now is not free download slot. Try it for a few minutes,
    or purchase credit for unlimited download.”


  4. “SF2midi.com” used to be very cool site to download various .sf2 files,
    but recently it has displayed “loading…” FOREVER, waiting and waiting, but there was no sign of start of downloading.
    It’s DEADHAND!

      • yep, after a fashion it have re-gotten to display the dl screen (instead of eternal loading… message).
        but always the slots are full up after all even though just a year before we can download every soundfont if only wait a few minutes or really not longer than a day.

  5. How do you download anything from this site. I want a file from here called (New Reality GM.sf2) i have credit added to this site have not
    any way of getting any type file to down load. Have any of others had any issue with this site.

  6. If anyone from this forum have this file here called New Reality GM.sf2 maybe we could work out a deal. Or lead me the way to another site
    that might have it. Thank You….

  7. Oh my god, they fixed the “Painos” typo.
    Does this mean that they’re going to start working for the site again and that there’ll be new uploads?

  8. “Sf2midi allocates for free download total 100 download slots.
    Now is busy 100 from 100 slots.”

    RIDICULOUS! 3 whole days with the same message.
    Believe me, it would be better if you state that all the downloads are under payment.

    This is not a good strategy. I wanted to buy credits, and I also was doing that for a couple of times, but before that I WANT to check for the sound quality.

    And what about the forum link?

  9. I used to really like this site, and I still do, but the slot system is completely awful. I understand that money is necessary for the site to remain up, but it is very near impossible to download anything for free. If you are going to advertise it as “SoundFont files download FREE“, it should at least be possible to do so. It would almost be better to just advertise it as a cheap pay website. If not, the slot amount really should increase to something more reasonable to the amount of traffic that comes to the site. For me, I mainly came here for lower quality sf2s if I needed a specific sound, so I probably won’t ever buy any credits, I’ll just use something else. Anyways, I’m just sad that the site has implemented this system. I know it’s making quite a few people upset/disappointed.

    • Presumably the file is corrupted so generally I suggest that you re-download it.

      But I’ve been there too. You would know that it’s no use no matter how many times you re-download it. Because surely, somehow, some soundfonts’ download stops halfway, which causes damage. For example +Techno combo.sf2. http://www.sf2midi.com/18f-techno-combo-sf2/

      Thus you should use Firefox and download with DownThemAll! or other sophisticated download-manager apps and if stops you can resume(Chrome and other browser’s better app than this doesn’t occur to me lol,) however AS LONG AS partition number (I don’t know the correct name of this because my Firefox’ language isn’t English) is set not more than 2.(as possible set 2) Wth 3 partitions, maybe you’ll get caught up in day-donload-limit. sorry for my poor English, thanks.

  10. I can’t stand the download slot system. This is a blatant attempt at money-grabbing. Every time there “is not free download slot” (yes, they were so rushed they didn’t even pay attention to grammar, “There are no free download slots”). Even when the site has advertisements.

    And even after wasting at least three months of your life to get your download slot, you have to wait two hours before using another. And even after getting past this awful slot system, your download is slow purposely. We need money to run this site: that’s a fact. We need to run a awful system in order to make them pay us : that’ll actually make most people go to other sites or prefer to wait for a free download slot. And only a minority will pay money, I’m sure.

    And the worse part is that this is just like picking a free, sometimes only for personal use, and sell them. Even after paying some sweaty credits, you don’t get all rights that you’d got if you picked the same font, look for its author and pay him. And if you pick a “don’t sell license” soundfont and apply this system to it, you’re infringing copyright each time you get a paid download.

    Just my (not so) humble opnion.

  11. what did I get into, this realy sucks. no ofense intended but once upon a time this was a site where you could get free sf2 files downloaded and it was sooooo cool, can´t say the same now…..

    • The only problem in this site is the slot system and the need to use download managers to get full files. The slot system makes buying credits pratically necessary since it’s only a hundred slots for more than a hundred users. And the need to use download managers make one person that manages to get a few slots need up to 5 slots. And yes, they get profit because this is the only site you can find many soundfonts. I’d accept having the free download slow; I’d accept waiting time (not slots) to download two consecutive files, I’d accept having files/day limited, I’d accept being unable to resume the download. But the slots, how could you make such a disaster? I’d accept you making this site uglier to reduce bandwidth (in fact, that’s how the oldest still active soundfont site survives) . I’d accept you ask donations.

      Also, Slots system also seems to be badly programmed since it can’t be possible that there are 20 people downloading 24/7, unless there are download bots. I’m saying 20 because of the download managers. This system is full 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! Could you at least install a captcha so mostly only humans will download from this site? Could you get a realistic number?

      If possible, get this site the barely needed to be useable, make the free download free (both “free”s as in free beer and in freedom) and stop the download slots. Or at least put their amount to something reasonable to this site’s traffic.

      “If you are going to advertise it as “SoundFont files download FREE“, it should at least be possible to do so, If not, the slot amount really should increase to something more reasonable to the amount of traffic that comes to the site.”

      The only thing Thomas is wrong is that a few people are disappointed. A few people who have dollars to waste in buying credits in this site are happy. The rest, who only want to download some sounds, are disappointed.

      If you have spare time, change the title of the webpage to “SOUNDFONT FILES DOWNLOAD MOSTLY PAID”. A good suggestion, since it’ll reflect the reality. Oh yes, and remove those ads, you’re being inconsistent when displaying ads and nearly grabbing money for the downloads.

      Again, just my not so humble opinion.

  12. Je n’ose vous dire le nombre d’essais : JAMAIS il n’y a eu une ligne de libre depuis des mois !
    Ce site est une vaste foutaise que vous avez tout intérêt à fuir !
    Désinscrivez-moi de suite, de toutes manières je ne reviendrai pas !
    J’ai trouvé la sf2 ailleurs, gratuite et téléchargeable légalement.
    Dont acte.

  13. This website sucks!!!!
    Any other download website would give you a option to wait a certain amount of time!
    But here, You’ve got DOWNLOAD SLOTS!
    Never download here, This is just terrible.
    Besides, Nobody has money to pay just for 1 file download!!!

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