What's a Theremin?

Nový obrázekThe theremin is one of the earliest electronic musical instruments, and the first musical instrument played without being touched. It was invented by Russian inventor Lev Theremin (Russian: Лев Сергеевич Термен) in 1919. The controlling section is usually two metal antennas to sense the position of the player's hands. These control audio oscillator(s) for frequency with one hand, and volume with the other.

iZotope RX™ Audio Restoration Redefined

logoiZotope RX™ is the most complete audio restoration product on the market. This standalone application combats a range of audio problems via innovative restoration modules, detailed analysis tools and time-saving workflow features. Ideal for archiving, recording, mastering, broadcasting, podcasting, video production and forensics.

Cheap Synful Orchestra VSTi DXi 2.2.2

Sinful LogoCheap Synful Orchestra VSTi DXi 2.2.2 automatically generates natural phrasing and articulation. It is not a sampler or a sample library. It's a new way to create realistic and expressive orchestral music.

Cakewalk Sonar 7

sonar logoIf there's one thing that software developers like better than attracting new customers, it's poaching existing users away from their preferred software. It isn't easy. Owners of software-driven music studios of any size are creatures of habit and almost always stick within the comfort zone of formats, workflow practices and procedures they're familiar with. Software they know. We can be kind of grumpy and stubborn about it.

Digital Sound Factory Releases Six E-MU Proteus Expansion Packs for Cakewalk’s Dimension Synthesizers

Nový obrázekDigital Sound Factory offers over 3,500 instruments of original E-MU Proteus sound libraries re mastered for Cakewalk’s Dimension Synthesizers.

Digital Sound Factory Re Masters E-MU Proteus and Emulator Sound Libraries

Digital Sound FactoryDigital Sound Factory offers over 10,000 instruments of original E-MU sound libraries re mastered to SoundFont.


10 Latest Sound Fonts