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Bass - Fender Jazz Bass.sf2
Fender Jazz Bass
Size: 2.8 MB
Date: 2003-12-06
User: Bukanyr
HW: E-mu 10K1
Editor: SFEDT v1.28:

MD5: 2B3230AF4F8ADFCDF3347B0CC674D7B7

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  • Swoop bass
  • Slide bass
  • Slapbass
  • Fingered bass


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Copyright owner that you can use those data.


User: womoma
alll i can say is- wow! you NEED this. beautifull bass sounds. - I was gettin tired of downloading awefull electronic bass sounds- this is pure acoustic magic and the main fingered bass would be equally as comfortable in a dance song as in a jazz song or rock song etc.. all the bass i need in a little soundfont file. thank you very much!

User: MasterPlus
Incredible usefull sample. I did many uses of it, to precise and grooving bass. With a bit of events trickery you can do it sound very real!

User: cucio
Bass guitar. Finger, slap, slide, swoop (up & down slide). Mapped 8va. Quite OK for the size.

User: hamish
very good sounds, but the SF2 only maps one octave, not so good in magix SMP7 soft sampler. will have to re-map it to be useful.

User: willymmx
very good!!! a great sound for a little size! Muy Buen trabajo, Gracias.!

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