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DrumKit Gold
Size: 13.3 MB
Date: 2005-12-22
User: davestew04
HW: E-mu 10K1
Editor: SFEDT v1.28:

MD5: 5534F5605C33EDDFDFE9F59CE9D28903

Incredible Stereo Acoustic Drums Soundfont from http://www.sound

Soundsite reissue. Also seen on



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User: Bmoney
A fairly average kit....worth a looksy.

User: jimbo1
This is a very good drum kit and looking at it with Vienna it would have taken some work to put together. Good sounding powerfull kit in a small size file. I had to tweak few thinks but nothing too major. Only gripe I have is that snares have too much reverb. I've removed it from the samples but the kit lost it's "soul" somehow. Best use it as it is with only minor tweaks to panning.

User: sebastian
An excellent soundfont! For years it was my primary choice for sequencing drum tracks, and I've even used it for finished projects, until I started using the Sonic Implants drum soundfonts that came along with Sonar 2.0. There's a lot of work put into this soundfont (kudos to Italian sound guru Guido Sconamiglio, drop him a line at, and it shows. It still sounds terrific after all this time, the cymbals and snares really crack!. As others noted, the hihats and ride need a little work in the panning area (nothing a little tweak in Vienna won't fix...), but it's nonetheless a superb soundfont that can find its place in many compositions. Highly recommended...

User: primeval
I pretty good kit, I have to say. Though, there should be more types of snares besides the one (three keys of the same snare, but just a slight pitch difference). Good work

User: masterbeck
I´ve work for years sequencing midi tracks, and I always wanted a real drum sound, for me this is the best drums sound font

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