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Korg Triton.sf2
Microsoft PCM Wave file
Size: 9.2 MB
Date: 2005-09-30
User: davestew04
HW: EMU8000
Editor: Awave Studio v7.3

MD5: A3353CC9C7BEACCE7F2C4303376C332D

Korg Triton soundfont



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  • Triton1
  • Triton10
  • Triton11
  • Triton12
  • Triton13
  • Triton14
  • Triton15
  • Triton16
  • Triton17
  • Triton18
  • Triton19
  • Triton2
  • Triton20
  • Triton21
  • Triton22
  • Triton23
  • Triton24
  • Triton25
  • Triton3
  • Triton4
  • Triton5
  • Triton6
  • Triton7
  • Triton8
  • Triton9


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User: jdub2k4
Pros: I didn't really know what to expect because all the name says is "Korg Triton", but it is a collection of 25 soft pad/atmospheric/cosmic sounds from the triton. The sounds aren't that bad, but not that good either. I really don't use a lot of soft pads, so it isn't much of a use to me, but if you are into that then I would consider adding this to your collection. Cons: Sounds are decent, but nothing that will blow your mind. Nearly all the sounds still play or resonate for about 3 seconds after you release the note, so it sounds like you are holding down a sustain pedal even though you are not...somebody may like that but I don't. verdict: 5 of 10 Like I said, the sounds aren't bad, just not that good...pretty average, but they can be used as a background sound to thicken up your tracks. I really wish the name of this sound font was a little more descriptive though.

User: sleepzproduction
grime producer i would recommend dis to its gt sum gd weird synths used by wiley and statik

User: maruli
Triton Sounds are very good, I love all the acoustic sounds. Very realistic !

User: gilneicrush
ótimo em the brazil

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